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Blaze and the Monster Machines is a CGI interactive educational animated television series with a focus on teaching about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The series premiered on Nickelodeon on October 13, 2014. It was renewed for a fourth season on March 26, 2018.[1]


The show focuses on Blaze, a red monster truck, and his smart young driver, AJ. They live in a world that involves many living monster trucks. Their friends include their truck friends, collectively referred to as the "Monster Machines": Starla, Stripes, Zeg, Darington, and Watts (as of Season 3), as well as a girl named Gabby, who is a mechanic who can fix anything and later on Watts' Monster Machine driver and close friend (as of Season 3). Each episode also features Crusher, a sneaky blue truck who cheats in races. Crusher is almost always accompanied by a small truck named Pickle, his goofy sidekick.

Animals in this monster machine world also have blended windows and wheels; however AJ and Gabby are humans. In some episodes, Blaze, AJ and their friends are in a race against Crusher. During the race, Crusher cheats, usually with the help of his gray robots. However, Blaze and AJ manage to get through his traps, and they always beat him in time with the help of his Blazing Speed.

Some episodes do not involve races, but still have Blaze competing against Crusher, sometimes by racing against him to get an item. Other episodes involve helping a truck friend such as Starla, Zeg, Darington, Stripes, Watts, or even Crusher and/or Pickle.

Each episode features two or three original songs usually performed by Blaze and AJ offscreen, when they're setting off on their adventure or demonstrating the episode's STEM concept.


List of 64 Zoo Lane Episodes

Season 1 (1999)

  • 1. The Story of Nelson the Elephant (January 1, 1999)
  • 2. The Story of Kevin the Crocodile (February 2, 1999)
  • 3. The Story of Joey the Kangaroo (March 3, 1999)
  • 4. The Story of Snowbert the Polar Bear (March 13, 1999)
  • 5. The Story of Henrietta the Hairy Hippo (March 23, 1999)
  • 6. The Story of Giggles and Tickles (April 4, 1999)
  • 7. The Story of Zed the Zebra (April 14, 1999)
  • 8. The Story of Adam the Armadillo (April 24, 1999)
  • 9. The Story of Georgina the Giraffe (May 5, 1999)
  • 10. The Story of Herbert the Warthog (May 15, 1999)
  • 11. The Story of Pauline the Pelican (May 25, 1999)
  • 12. The Story of the Juicy Fruit Tree (June 6, 1999)
  • 13. The Story of the Elephant Bird (June 16, 1999)
  • 14. The Story of Toby the Tortoise (June 26, 1999)
  • 15. The Story of Audrey's Egg (July 7, 1999)
  • 16. The Story of Molly and Nathalie (July 17, 1999)
  • 17. The Story of the Jungle Clearing (July 27, 1999)
  • 18. The Story of Ronald and the Tic Tic Bird (August 8, 1999)
  • 19. The Story of Gary the Dromedary (August 18, 1999)
  • 20. The Story of Wally the Wombat (August 28, 1999)
  • 21. The Story of Melanie the Moose (September 9, 1999)
  • 22. The Story of Beverly the Beaver (September 19, 1999)
  • 23. The Story of Doris the Duck (September 29, 1999)
  • 24. The Story of Esmeralda the Snake (October 10, 1999)
  • 25. The Story of Eddie's Big Adventure (November 11, 1999)
  • 26. The Story of Herbert's Birthday Party (December 12, 1999)

Season 2 (2000)

  • 27. The Story of Reginald's Big Sleep (January 1, 2000)
  • 28. The Story of the Dawn Chorus (February 2, 2000)
  • 29. The Story of Phoebe the Koala (March 3, 2000)
  • 30. The Story of Hercule Mustache (March 13, 2000)
  • 31. The Story of Kevin's Magic Trick (March 23, 2000)
  • 32. The Story of Isabel the Flamingo (April 4, 2000)
  • 33. The Story of Herbert and the Watermelon of Doom (April 14, 2000)
  • 34. The Story of Alan the Aardvark (April 24, 2000)
  • 35. The Story of the Important Visitor (May 5, 2000)
  • 36. The Story of the Puffins of Mossy Bay (May 15, 2000)
  • 37. The Story of Ronald and Rosie (May 25, 2000)
  • 38. The Story of Nathalie's New Neighbors (June 6, 2000)
  • 39. The Story of Casper the Chameleon (June 16, 2000)
  • 40. The Story of Seamus the Stork (June 26, 2000)
  • 41. The Story of Gary's Best Friend (July 7, 2000)
  • 42. The Story of Georgina's Bumbleberry Soup (July 17, 2000)
  • 43. The Story of Petula the Parrot (July 27, 2000)
  • 44. The Story of Cousin Chuckles (August 8, 2000)
  • 45. The Story of Joey's Camping Trip (August 18, 2000)
  • 46. The Story of the Monster in the Forest (August 28, 2000)
  • 47. The Story of Boris the Bear (September 9, 2000)
  • 48. The Story of Melanie's Birthday Present (September 19, 2000)
  • 49. The Story of Victor the Crocodile (September 29, 2000)
  • 50. The Story of the Hyena's Holiday (October 10, 2000)
  • 51. The Story of Herbert's Peaceful Day (November 11, 2000)
  • 52. The Story of Annie the Anaconda (December 12, 2000)

List of Blaze and the Monster Machines episodes



  • Blaze (voiced by Nolan North) is the show's host and central character, an orange-red monster truck with blue eyes and a flame emblem, who is good hearted, loyal and brave. He is Axle City's number one racer, especially with help from his Blazing Speed which is initiated by saying "Let's Blaze!". At the start of Season 2, Blaze becomes the newest member of the Axle City Fire Department. He and his friends would also visit VelocityVille (where they turn into Race Cars to take part in adventures and Race Car Events), and Animal Island (to visit their animal friends and transform into animals for competitions or to take care of problems and/or obstacles). As revealed in Season 3, Blaze's Blazing Speed engine is not only what he uses to unleash his Blazing Speed, but it is also what allows him to drive around in general. As of Season 3, starting with the "Wild Wheels" episodes, Blaze's design has been slightly upgraded to have the addition of taillights, coinciding with the series' upgraded animation. Blaze, along with his Monster Machine friends and Gabby's ATV, also have additional features as well, such as grappling lines to tow fellow Monster Machines out of trouble and Speed Lights to illuminate themselves in the dark and race in the dark in one of Axle City's outdoor race tracks.
  • AJ (voiced by Dusan Brown in Season 1, Caleel Harris in Season 2 through Season 3, Ramone Hamilton in Season 4 to present; singing by Jacquez Swanigan in Season 1 through Season 2, Reed L. Shannon in Season 3 to present) is the show's co-host and Blaze's human best friend and driver, an African American eight-year-old science and technology expert with medium skin, brown eyes and brown hair, and wears a white and red racing suit and helmet. AJ's racing suit technology includes his Visor View in his helmet which allows him to see things no one else can, his skywriting gloves which allow him to draw pictures in mid-air, and a wrist-com video watch worn on his left arm to call others. His uniform can also undergo minor changes in appearance, such as when Blaze transforms into a race car, and Blaze using his speed lights.
  • Gabby (voiced by Angelina Wahler in 2014 through 2017, Molly Jackson[2] in 2018–Present) is a knowledgeable 9-year old human mechanic with light skin, blue eyes and purple hair in a ponytail, and wears a white shirt with blue overalls, though she switches to a white and blue racing suit and helmet with goggles when riding with Blaze. She fixes up the trucks when they are damaged, and sometimes rides with AJ and Blaze to take part in some of their adventures. Gabby's uniform and helmet undergoes changes like AJ's, but so far, it has only happened once (when Gabby's ATV uses Speed Lights). Gabby usually drives a purple ATV, but as of Season 3, Gabby, like AJ, is now a Monster Machine driver, driving with her new close friend, Watts. This makes Gabby the first female Monster Machine driver, the second Monster Machine driver in general (with the first being AJ), and both the first female Monster Machine driver AND first Monster Machine driver in general to be partnered with a female Monster Machine (in this case: Watts). When Gabby competes in a Monster Machine event with Watts, she wears a white and magenta version of her racing suit.
  • Stripes (voiced by Sunil Malhotra) is a yellow-orange and violet striped truck with the abilities of a tiger such as a high sense of smell and retractable spike-claws in his tires. In Season 3's "Wild Wheels" episodes, when Blaze transforms into a Lion Monster Machine, he shares his engineering powers to transform Stripes into Super Tiger Stripes. He lives in a treehouse in a jungle outside the city.
  • Starla (voiced by Kate Higgins) is a purple pickup truck with a sparkly silver cowboy hat, who's a roping expert and speaks with a thick Southern accent. She runs a farm outside the city.
  • Darington (voiced by Alexander Polinsky) is a clumsy yet fearless blue and white monster truck with a gold star motif, helmet and cape-like spoiler, who loves stunts. His catchphrase is "Daringtooooon!". In "The Chicken Circus", it reveals that Darington can speak chicken.
  • Zeg (voiced by James Patrick Stuart) is a light green half-triceratops, half-monster truck with brute tendencies. He has a short vocabulary and tends to refer to himself in third person. He lives in a prehistoric cave outside the city.
  • Watts (voiced by Melanie Minichino[3]) is a magenta Monster Machine powered by electricity who speaks with an African accent and is the latest of Blaze's Monster Machine friends as of Season 3 (as shown from the updated standard Opening Sequence with the upgraded animation as of "Animal Island"). Watts is also the second female Monster Machine to both be part of the main cast and be part of Blaze's Machine friends, with the first female Monster Machine to do so being Starla. Watts' features include her electric engine and her special yellow electric tires, both allowing her to drive fast, and her Electric Charge which allows her to give anything electricity so it can work. When Watts met Blaze, AJ, and Gabby for the first time, Watts happily asks Gabby to be her driver, saying that she never had anyone driving her before. Gabby happily accepts Watts' offer, saying that she has never been a Monster Machine's driver before. Since then, Gabby is now a Monster Machine driver for Watts (just like AJ is Blaze's Monster Machine driver), and the 2 are now very close friends (just like Blaze and AJ are close friends). This makes Watts the first female Monster Machine capable of being driven by a human, the second Monster Machine in general to do so (with the first being Blaze), and both the first female Monster Machine AND first Monster Machine in general to be partnered with a female Monster Machine driver (in this case: Gabby).
  • Crusher (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) is a deep blue monster truck with a lighter blue lightning bolt motif, and Blaze and AJ's rival. He cheats in most episodes just to get his way. He constructs various cheating gadgets from parts that he keeps in a bag on his chassis. A running gag of the show is where Crusher gets himself into trouble in various situations, especially when he crashes into something and ends up dizzy or messy. Crusher often stars in his own subplots along with Pickle which are separate from the main story, in which he constantly messes up doing something that Pickle is trying out. While he is known for his cheating and mischievous ways, he is not all bad and not really evil. In fact, there are times where Crusher is still good at heart at times. Examples of are shown when Crusher is willing to help Blaze save the Christmas Presents, and when he admits that he'd never steal anyone else's birthday cake when he realizes that it was Darrington's birthday cake that he was trying to take. Once, Crusher even ran a restaurant to serve spaghetti with big meatballs. In addition, Blaze and his friends are even willing to help Crusher in some instances, such as helping him find his toy truck "Little Trucky", Gasqautch saving him by sneezing away a thundercloud and then bringing him down from Mud Mountain, Gabby fixing his muffler / exhaust pipe when it got broken, and Blaze helped convince Crusher not to cheat when they've teamed up in a Team Truck Challenge in "Defeat the Cheat". In fact, in that race, Crusher (along with Blaze) has finally scored himself his first ever win fair and square, and it is also the first time where Crusher's running gag does not end with Crusher disgusted, but actually ends with Crusher being happy (as Crusher did bump into an ice cream cart and ended up messy, but happy about his win, he happily eats the dripping ice cream as he says, "Tastes like Winning!").
  • Pickle (voiced by Nat Faxon) is a small green monster truck with darker green stripes and bumps on his sides, who is Crusher's sidekick despite Crusher's indifference towards him, although the two are known to be close friends most of the time. He tends to look on the brighter side of things and is quite goofy and has an extremely high pitch voice. Although he is by Crusher's side, Pickle has is actually quite friendly towards Blaze and his friends.



  • Reece (voiced by Grey Griffin)
  • Debris (voiced by James Patrick Stuart)
  • Clive (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker)
  • Rudy (voiced by Jeff Bennett)
  • Ferris (voiced by Jeff Bennett)
  • The King (voiced by Charlie Adler)
  • The Royal Knights
    • Green Knight (voiced by Jeff Bennett)
    • Purple Knight (voiced by Cree Summer)
    • Yellow Knight (voiced by Jeff Bennett)
    • White Knight (voiced by Charlie Adler)
  • The Moose
  • Lucy (voiced by Grey Griffin)
  • Brodie (voiced by Kate Higgins)
  • Robbie (voiced by Charlie Adler)

Special Guest Stars[modifica]


  • Axle City: Axle City is the main location of the series, and where Blaze, AJ, Gabby, and all of the Monster Machines live. The most well known locations of the area include the Monster Dome (where many Monster Machine events are held, especially Monster Machine Racing), Mud Mountain (where the Monsters Machines, especially Gasquatch, hold Mud Fest), a land of Medieval Monster Machines, and much more, including nearby islands. Monster Machines race events include Stuntmania, the Axle City Grand Prix, and the Race to the Top of the World. Monster Machine friends, both in Axle City and other areas of the Monster Machine world, include the Great Sphinx, Pegwheel Pete and his Pirate Crew (though antogonistic in Race to the Top of the World, but happily congratulates Blaze and his friends for winning and become their friends in some adventures), Bump Bumperman, Gus and Joe, Gasquatch, and the Light Thief (a talking Kangaroo).
  • VelocityVille: VelocityVille is the location for the "Race Car Adventures" episodes. To reach VelocityVille, Blaze and his friends travel to it with help from their friend, Swoops, whom Blaze and AJ first met before he offers them a ride on their very first visit to VelocityVille. Where Axle City is inhabitted by Monster Machines, VelocityVille's inhabitants are Race Cars. This is where Blaze transformed into a Race Car for first time to save his new friends of Velocityville, and since then, he, his Monster Machine friends, and even Crusher and Pickle transform into Race Cars whenever they visit VelocityVille. As a result of the Race Car Transformation, AJ's racing suit also undergoes some slight changes, such as his racing helmet having white detailing instead of black. Blaze, AJ, Gabby, and the other Monster Machine's Race Car friends include Rally, Fender, Dash, Mark-Set-Go, and other Velocityville residents like Becky Checkerflag and Speedrick (formerly a rival who wants no one to be faster than him, but now a friend who believes that all race cars, including him, should be fast). In VelocityVille, Race Cars happily drive around the city at incredible speed and velocity thanks to their aerodynamic shapes, and Race Car events take place, such as the Race to Eagle Rock, the Polar Derby, and the Hundred Mile Race.
  • Animal Island: Animal Island is a location in the Monster Machines' World where animals of all kinds reside, including insects. Animal Island is also the location for the "Wild Wheels" episodes. Unlike the animals in Axle City and VelocityVille, all of the animals in Animal Island are capable to talk like humans and Monster Machines, in addition to their usual animal noises. The main residents of the island and Blaze, AJ, Gabby, and the Monster Machines' animal friends include Bunk the Elephant, Bam the Gorilla, Skyler the Falcon, Nelson the Rhino, and Tooks the Toucan. Blaze and his friends travel to Animal Island by raft, or, Swoops. When Blaze and his friends visit Animal Island, instead of STEM Concepts, the "Wild Wheels" episodes teach viewers educational facts about all kinds of Animals.


The first season consisted of 20 episodes.[4] On June 15, 2015, the series was renewed for a third season.[5] On June 21, 2016, it was renewed for a fourth season.[1] On May 22, 2018, it was renewed for a fifth season.


Blaze and the Monster Machines premiered on Nick Jr. in the United Kingdom and Ireland on March 6, 2015[6] and on Nick Jr. in Australia and New Zealand on March 9.[7] The series is also airing on Nickelodeon and Treehouse TV in Canada,[8] Nick Jr. in Africa,[9] TNT in Russia (Вспыш и чудо-машинки), and HOP! in Israel(בלייז וחברי משאית המפלצת שלו).

DVD Releases[modifica]

Title Region 1
Blaze of Glory: A Mini Movie February 17, 2015
High-Speed Adventures August 11, 2015
Rev Up and Roar February 16, 2016
Fired Up! July 12, 2016
Race Into VelocityVille February 14, 2017
Wild Wheels: Escape to Animal Island September 19, 2017
Heroes of Axle City February 13, 2018
Blaze Saves Christmas November 6, 2018



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