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Bobinogs (original Welsh title: Bobinogi) is a British children's television programme, shown most recently on CBeebies. It debuted for a Welsh audience, but in 2003, it started being broadcast in the English market. It originally featured a child (Owen, played by David Pursey) and three characters who lived in his hat: inanimate when he was present, but active when he was out. This aspect of the series was later dropped; the characters were then active (in cartoon form) from the beginning of the programme.

The three main characters play in a band. A typical episode involves them trying to solve some sort of problem, then performing a song about it at the end. At one point in the episode, they will obtain a clue to the problem's solution by looking through their "bobinoculars", which show video footage from the real world. Since 2003, Bobinogs has been sold to television stations throughout the world.

Simon Grover, best known for playing adult characters on the Tweenies, was a frequent writer for the show.



  • Ogi bears a striking physical resemblance to Eric Cartman of South Park, although this is presumably coincidental.
  • This was one of the first broadcast standard cartoon series, to have been produced exclusively using Macromedia Flash.
  • The Bobinogs have a pet dog, called Nog Dog.

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