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Template:Use dmy dates Template:Use British English Template:Infobox television Boblins is a animated educational television show for preschool children produced by the British company InspireGLG Limited. The show, which runs in 10-minute segments, is broadcast internationally, being shown in the United Kingdom on CITV, in Canada by Treehouse TV, in Denmark by DR1, in New Zealand on TVNZ "Kidzone",[1] and in Australia on ABC2.[2] The show was picked up in 2006 for broadcasting in France by TiJi, the French children's network.[3]

The show features seven bright, colorful characters who interact in a colourful land called Rainbow's End. Its purpose is to instruct children about basic facts of colour as well as nature and environment.[4] The non-profit organization Young Media Australia indicates the show is most appropriate for children aged two to seven, combining unrealistic slapstick comedy with general and social education encouraging such traits as cooperation and persistence.[5]


  • Yam Yam- a friendly, cheerful, fun-loving yellow Boblin who loves bouncing up and down and can't resist pushing buttons when he's been told not to and this leads to trouble. He has orange hair, white eyes, wears a blue overalls not wearing a belt.
  • Gully- a hard-working, gossiping green female Boblin who takes care of the animals in the farm. She has green pigtails with pink bows, white eyes, wearing pink dress with white polka-dots.
  • Ruddle- a red Boblin who is kept busy by building and fixing things and helps Pi build his inventions. He has green not sleek hair with pig tails, white eyes, he also wears a grey-brown overalls.
  • Onny- an orange Boblin who is a motherly-type figure to the other Boblins, her hobbies are baking cakes. She has orange hair with green bow, white eyes, green dress with yellow suns.
  • Pi- (named after the number Pi) the most clever of the Boblins and is always building inventions (which can sometimes malfunction and cause trouble). Pi is purple, wears a pair of glasses and loves eating cupcakes. He has green hair, white eyes, wearing green pants.
  • Pinny- a pink Boblin and the youngest of the group. She is cheerful, and her favorite hobby is painting. She has green ponytail with light green bow, white eyes, pink dress with white lines.
  • Bodkin- a blue, friendly not adventurous Boblin who is seen hiking, climbing up mountains, swinging on vines ectc. He has green hair, white eyes, wears a grey-beige overalls with a brown belt.



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