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Boj is a sugar cane-based, fermented beverage popular in Guatemala.

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Template:EngvarB Template:Use dmy dates Template:Infobox television Boj is a British and Irish animated children's television series created by Pesky Productions that was first broadcast on CBeebies. The character "Pops" is voiced by Jason Donovan.[1]


  • Boj (voiced by Ziggy Badans in the UK and Australia and Gabe Eggerling in the US) is a bilby.[2]
  • Mimi (voiced by Josie Taylor in the UK and Marieve Herington in the US) is Boj's mother.
  • Pops (voiced by Jason Donovan) is Boj's father.
  • Denzil Woof (voiced by Angelo Illsey in the UK and Henry Kaufman in the US), is a puppy.
  • Ruby Woof (voiced by Caroline Shaw) is a female dog who owns Ruby's Diner.
  • Dr Bruce Woof (voiced by Dave Benson Phillips) is the local doctor.
  • Gavin Bleat (voiced by Jack Gardner).
  • Blair Bleat (voiced by Dan Chambers), is an American goat who is also a gadget enthusiast.
  • Bonnie Bleat (voiced by Dominica Warburton), is Gavin's mum.
  • Mia Twitch (voiced by Sophie Goldsteinin the UK and Gracie Grenier in the US), is a diamond mouse.
  • Julie Twitch (voiced by Dominica Warburton).
  • The Twitchlets (voiced by Claire Underwood) are Mia's brothers.
  • Rupa Nibblit (voiced by Poppy Hodgson in the UK and Emma Sauzman in the US), is Boj's rabbit friend.
  • Deepak Nibblit (voiced by Omar Khan in the UK and Richard Stevenson in the US), Rupa's dad.
  • Geeta Nibblit (voiced by Kuchi Braaso in the UK and Jenna Warren in the US), is a stubborn bunny.
  • Mr Cloppity (voiced by Dan Chambers) is a Scottish horse who is the keeper of Giggly Park. His first name is "Clive", as revealed in the 22 minute special "Adventure Camp".
  • Miss Claire Clippity (voiced by Dominica Warburton in the UK and Zoe Pele in the US), appears in "Adventure Camp".
  • Hoj (voiced by Sam Dyson in the UK and Tabitha St. Germain in the US), is Boj's cousin. He appears in "Adventure Camp".
  • Bibi (voiced by Maria Darling) is Boj's aunt. She appears in "Adventure Camp".


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Country Local Title Channel Release Date
Template:UK Boj CBeebies 19 May 2014
Template:UK Boj Nick Jr. (UK & Ireland) 30 March 2015
Template:ROM Dëssj Sprout 6 June 2017
Template:WAL Boj S4C 17 June 2014
Template:CAN Boj Yoopa
Knowledge Network
BBC Kids
20 June 2014
31 August 2015
Template:IRL Boj RTÉjr 30 June 2014
Hebrew Boj Nick Jr.
Yappa Junior
1 January 2018
Template:AUS Boj ABC2
ABC Kids
5 September 2014
13 January 2015
Template:USA Boj Sprout 11 October 2014
Template:FRA Boj France 5 18 October 2014
Template:FIN Pusse YLE TV2 19 October 2014
Template:NZL Boj Kidzone24 1 April 2015
20px Latin America Boj CBeebies 22 June 2015
Template:ALG Joißö YTV 19 May 2018
Template:DEU Boj Super RTL 2 January 2018
Template:POL Boj Polsat JimJam 1 July 2016
Template:BEL Suedêzi Canal Panda
19 May 2016
Template:POR Boj JimJam 1 July 2016
Template:RUS 6øñ V-Me
Colokids TV
28 January 2019


Season 1 (2014–15)[modifica]

Title Storyboard by Written by New Date
1 Boj The Collector Krystal Georgiou Ben Ward October 9, 2014
2 Musical Mayhem Pete Western Dave Ingham October 9, 2014
3 Hoppy Birthday Trevor Ricketts Lisa Akhurst October 10, 2014
4 Under the Giggly Moon Trevor Ricketts Dave Ingham October 10, 2014
5 In the Hothouse Krystal Georgiou Ben Ward October 11, 2014
6 Let's Get Rummaging Paul Stone Lisa Akhurst October 11, 2014
7 Giggly Holiday Trevor Ricketts Lisa Akhurst October 12, 2014
8 Flat as a Pancake Paul Stone Davey Moore October 12, 2014
9 Giggly Rink Mike Coles Dave Ingham October 13, 2014
10 Bouncing Boj Trevor Ricketts Sean Carson October 13, 2014
11 High Flying Drying Trevor Ricketts Davey Moore November 2, 2014
12 Non Stop Pops David Young Sean Carson November 2, 2014
13 The Sleep Under Paul Stone Sean Carson November 3, 2014
14 Song for Mimi Mike Coles Sean Carson November 3, 2014
15 Rainbow for Rupa David Young Dave Ingham November 6, 2014
16 Sneezy Snufferoos Paul Stone Neil & Annie Richards November 6, 2014
17 Starfishing Trevor Ricketts Lisa Akhurst December 1, 2014
18 The Best Nest Mike Coles Dave Ingham December 1, 2014
19 Robot Recycler Mike Coles Ben Ward December 5, 2014
20 Carry on Carrot Paul Stone Neil & Annie Richards December 5, 2014
21 Mia's Pet Paul Stone Dave Ingham December 30, 2014
22 Giggly Park Rescue Squad Mike Coles Sean Carson December 30, 2014
23 The Amazing Cloppity Krystal Georgiou Dave Ingham December 31, 2014
24 The Big-Big Bike Ride Mike Coles Sean Carson December 31, 2014
25 Denzil's Lost Teddy Mike Coles Neil & Annie Richards January 1, 2015
26 Boj and the Booms Paul Stone Dave Ingham January 1, 2015
27 Watch the Birdie Trevor Ricketts Sean Carson January 10, 2015
28 Keeping Mr Cloppity Mike Coles Sean Carson January 10, 2015
29 Puppet Show Trevor Ricketts Lisa Akhurst January 15, 2015
30 The Peace Prize Paul Stone Sean Carson January 15, 2015
31 The Duckling Krystal Georgiou Lisa Akhurst January 26, 2015
32 Picnic in the Park Mike Coles Dave Ingham January 26, 2015
33 Fun and Games Paul Stone Lisa Akhurst February 1, 2015
34 Still as Statues Krystal Georgiou Sean Carson February 1, 2015
35 Sports G'day Paul Stone Dave Ingham February 7, 2015
36 Gavin's Got Talent Krystal Georgiou Sean Carson February 7, 2015
37 The Giggly Park Express Mike Coles Sean Carson February 14, 2015
38 Picky Eater Krystal Georgiou Ben Ward February 14, 2015
39 The Giggly Dig Trevor Ricketts Dave Ingham March 21, 2015
40 Pops's Outback Trek David Young Lisa Akhurst March 21, 2015
41 Doctor Denzil Krystal Georgiou Sean Carson April 2, 2015
42 Happy Harvesters Mike Coles Dave Ingham April 2, 2015
43 Buzzy Boj Krystal Georgiou Dave Ingham April 2, 2015
44 Bedtime for Rupa Paul Stone Dave Ingham April 2, 2015
45 Blast Off Buddies Paul Stone Lisa Akhurst May 14, 2015
46 Boj-a-balloon Mike Coles Sean Carson May 14, 2015
47 Out of the Box Paul Stone Dave Ingham June 1, 2015
48 Double Cloppity Krystal Georgiou Lisa Akhurst June 1, 2015
49 Sploshy Fun Mike Coles Dave Ingham July 13, 2015
50 Keep on Going Krystal Georgiou Dave Ingham July 13, 2015
51 Adventure Camp Mike Coles Dave Ingham July 20, 2015
52 Boj's Birthday Mike Coles Lisa Akhurst July 21, 2015

Season 2 (2015-16)[modifica]

Title Storyboard by Written By New Date
53 Boj the Fixer Paul Stone Sarah Calumet July 28, 2015
54 Mia's Fairly Dust Mike Coles Dega Brain July 28, 2015


Title Episodes Release Date UPC
Boj: Blast Off Buddies Blast Off Buddies
Hoppy Birthday
Flat as a Pancake
Carry On Carrot
Giggly Park Rescue Squad
The Giggly Dig
Denzil's Lost Teddy
Boj the Collector
Sneezy Snufferoos
Keep On Going
18 May 2015 5021123156547
Boj: Happy Harvesters Happy Harvesters
Out of the Box
Sploshy Fun
Pops' Outback Trek
Keeping Mr Cloppity
Doctor Denzil
Picky Eater
Adventure Camp
18 September 2015 5021123156547



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