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Thank you for your additions to Furrymania.it. :-) Grazie per le vostre aggiunte a Furrymania.it. GreenReaper 18:58, 28 ott 2012 (CET)

Editing the Homepage[modifica]

Hello Greenreaper! I'm Valery91Thunder from the italian Wikifur. I'm working with a friend of mine (Escofal, he wrote to you before) to replenish and update the Italian part of the Wiki. We're currently working on adding new pages, but we'd also like to change the layout of our homepage, which is currently looking like this: http://it.wikifur.com/wiki/Pagina_principale . We'd like to create something more resembling to this: http://en.wikifur.com/wiki/WikiFur_Furry_Central . Do you have any useful tips and tricks, or pheraps a link to a tutorial that shows us the best way to modify these pages? We're new, so we're still trying to learn the majority of the code. Thanks anticipate for your interest, we'll be waiting for your kind answer. :)

Hi Valery! I'm glad you want to develop the front page. Unfortunately there is no manual for them in particular - you have to click "edit" and see what is done - but MediaWiki has a manual - in fact there are several.
On the English WikiFur, we have locked the front page, and are using a feature called template inclusion so that the content of the front page is on other pages. Basically, anything like {{WikiFur Central/Something}} is actually at [[Template:WikiFur Central/Something]]. This makes it harder for people to edit it, which is both good and bad . . . we also have the front page sections rotate each week (with edit links to the appropriate week).
Parts of the front page are on en:Template:WikiFur Central/Header, en:Template:WikiFur Central/Featured, en:Template:WikiFur Central/Comic of the Week, en:Template:Upcoming events, en:Template:WikiFur Central/Flayrah, en:Template:Did you know, en:Template:WikiFur Central/FeaturedPicture, en:Template:Furpile, en:Template:WikiFur Central/Footer and en:Template:WikiFur Central/MetaLinks. Most are protected to avoid vandalism (although to varying levels), because English gets a lot of it. There are also versions for screens which are 800px, 650px and 480px wide, which have their own templates or re-order them.
This is probably more complex than we need, and almost certainly more than you need. Given the size of the community, I would suggest that you consider it a "front page to furry fandom". What would someone new to the fandom want to learn? What Italian-languages resources, in particular, are useful? You can link to major topics, to categories - whatever you have available now. (One example along these lines is Portal:Furry on Wikipedia.)
I suggest that you don't commit yourself to making sections that you will have to update all the time, especially if only a few people can edit it. If you want a featured section, that's fine - but make it one that you can leave for a few weeks if necessary. There is less chance of deliberate vandalism here. Don't be afraid to link to content elsewhere - if there are popular Italian podcasts/shows/news with RSS feeds, you can display links to them, like we do for Flayrah.
I would also suggest looking at our Community Central page (source), and mixing some of this type of material on your front page - as you do with the "new pages" section - because it encourages contribution to these articles, and it is automatically generated. Some of the sections there use DynamicPageList. This is a powerful but complex tool. Try it out, but don't expect it to do exactly what you want straight away! GreenReaper 02:48, 12 nov 2012 (CET)

Protecting the Homepage[modifica]

Hi GreenReaper, it's Valery91Thunder again from the Italian WikiFur, sorry to bother you ^^" We've successfully managed to edit the homepage, adding a new layout to it, more informations, and so on. We plan on creating the Community Portal as well, soon. We had another hacker/bot attack, though, that re-edited the homepage. I've managed to restore our version, but still, it's utterly unpleasant seeing our page being changed like that. :( So we finally decided we should add protection to the homepage, but I think, as I'm only a normal user, that I don't have the permissions to do that. Is there a way, or someone, that we can contact to do it for us? Thank you again for your time and kindness. :)

I have protected the main page against edits by anonymous or recently-registered users, and I have granted yourself and Escofal access as colleagues/sysops, since you are the active users at this time. Please use your new powers with restraint. :-) GreenReaper 22:46, 22 nov 2012 (CET)

International portal[modifica]

In recognition of this wiki's 200th article, I have moved the Italian WikiFur up to the main section of WikiFur.com. Thank you for your continued efforts! GreenReaper 23:30, 1 mar 2013 (CET)

"Minor fixes"[modifica]

If you don't want to write a real edit summary for each edit, then you can turn off the warning for a blank summary in Special:Preferences, under Editing/Advanced; there's no need to clutter the edit history and recent changes with misleading summaries. (It's best to use the checkbox for a minor edit if something is really a minor edit, such as a spelling or punctuation fix, because then it won't notify people who don't want to be notified for them.) GreenReaper 17:22, 17 ott 2013 (CEST)

Oh, okay then! Thank you! Valery91Thunder 17:24, 17 ott 2013 (CEST)